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Farah_for_web_small.jpgDr. Farah Hirani started her career as an associate of Dr. Rocco Guirrero and Dr. Moez Rajwani at the North York Rehabilitation Centre. She also associated with The Spine Clinic. In 2001, she founded Body + Spine Chiropractic Wellness Clinic.
The recently renovated clinic is adjacent to the Big Carrot Organic Plaza on the Danforth. In its 16th year now, the clinic has flourished with two Chiropractors and Acupuncturists and three Massage Therapists. Body + Spine over time has developed the reputation of a calm healing oasis where patients know they will get first rate service with the tough love message of being responsible for one’s own spinal and joint self-care.
Dr. Hirani has given talks to women's groups on visualization and health care. She believes "you draw in your practice what you are" and has therefore helped women in guided imagery at a women's conference. Being a mom, her focus on family health has special meaning. She has assisted pregnant women and post natal with spinal health, and taught spinal stretching and yoga to many new mothers. She is regularly referred to by the East York Midwives clinic after delivering both her babies via water birth at home with no medical intervention.
Treating the Globe and Mail editor was nerve-racking because she knew he would either love her, or rip her up to bits. By being focused and providing her consistently firm yet nurturing style of chiropractic, he highly recommended others to get the benefit he experienced. Dr. Hirani has been featured in Mclean's magazine and on Global News for providing high quality ethical chiropractic care.
She was hired to develop an Anatomy curriculum for the Moksha Teacher Training Program and taught it for multiple years. She has also taught anatomy in Hawaii.
In 2011, Dr. Hirani was invited to be a panel speaker at the Ontario Chiropractic Practice Opportunities Conference to 400 students on the balance of family life, maternity leave and running a practice.
In 2012, she and Dr. Ali guided 300 senior citizens through arthritic stretches to Bollywood music and educated them on the self-responsibility of mobility of their spine and joints.
Most recently, Dr. Hirani has been the designated chiropractor for the Mirvish production of Cats. She has also treated many of the performers from "War Horse" as well as the company of Soulpepper theatre group. 
Dr. Hirani is committed to giving back to the profession. Over the last decade, countless chiropractic students have volunteered and worked at her clinic to develop the confidence and find their niche in their individual chiropractic journey. Her clinic has been the model for 4rth yr interns for multiple years in the jurisprudence projects all of which received top marks. 
She has also served on the Aga Khan Health Board, on the World Partnership Walk Committee and continues to volunteer at weekly community occasions, providing care for set up crews.
Dr. Hirani graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic Centre in 1996. She complimented her Chiropractic neuro-musculoskeletal focus with Acupuncture from McMaster's Medical Acupuncture Program. 
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